Welcome to Civil War Battle Map Art. A website of unique artwork by the artist Brian Kammerer that illustrates the Camps and Campaigns of the American Civil War in a 3/4 overhead perspective. This illustrative style was very popular before the advent of arial photography. People could see what their City or town might look like from the perspective of a bird or a hot air balloon. This style has always been a favorite of mine because of it's ability to the many angles of the same story much like a Cyclorama. Isn't that what "His story" is all about.

I have begun my journey at the beginning though the roots of the conflict go back to the dawn of time. This selective walk through the years 1861- 1865 promises to be not only an in depth review for me but also a very informative one since I will have to dig deeper than I have ever gone before. Not much can be hidden when ones perspective is all encompassing.I hope you will join me on this road and comment or share from time to time. My desire is that this project will pay tribute to all of those that have gone before us and who will come after us in the pursuit of freedom and liberty.

The wars first major engagement took place upon the Plains of Manassas Virginia, just 20 miles west of Washington D.C. Our journey to that historic spot commences with the opening bombardment upon Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor S.C. As the events of that historical time are illustrated they will be promptly posted to the website.The 3/4 overhead art you view will take you along the roads that led the citizens of this country to the fields of battle in a bloody civil war. Come back and visit CW-BMA from time to time to see the Camps & Campaigns of the American Civil War unfold in an artistic style that I hope you will find intriguing & informative. Thank you for visiting. -BGK-


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